City of Vancouver

Vancouver is located on the southwest corner of the mainland of British Columbia, and is bounded on three sides by water. To the city's north, Burrard Inlet separates Vancouver from North Vancouver and West Vancouver. On its western boundary is the Pacific Ocean's Strait of Georgia. And to the south, the Fraser River separates Vancouver from its smaller satellite communities. 

The Coast Mountains, which rise more than 1,500m/5,000ft, gloriously preside over the city. Vancouver's population is approximately 628,621 in a region of over 2.3 million. A major port, Vancouver is the province's largest city as well as Canada's third largest.

City of Burnaby

The pearl of the Lower Mainland, Burnaby is a secret that can no longer be kept…a lovely little something that westcoast travelers share with those who are new here.

We speak of the iconic BC beauty, of rolling parks, magical lakes and endless green spaces. We whisper about amazing restaurants worth a half-hour drive, and a little shop tucked away on Hastings Street. We refer to world-renowned education, outdoor activities, shopping, sporting events, historical museums and arts in every corner and cafe. But we never mention it’s affordable… that would spoil the surprise.

But there are so many surprises. Unexpected promises of natural and urban splendour constantly bring excitement. To hear it from a friend, Burnaby is a must-see, must- discover, must-explore destination. Then when you come here seeking adventure, it’s only the first thing that you find.

Location & Geography

Located on the southwest coast of Canada, and just north of the US border, Burnaby is centrally located in the heart of the Greater Vancouver area – with easy access to downtown Vancouver, the North Shore Mountains to the northwest, Whistler to the north and the Vancouver International Airport just 20 minutes south from the city centre.

With a population of approximately 195,000, Burnaby has evolved from a predominantly suburban, bedroom community to an urban, cosmopolitan centre that serves as a regional focus for a variety of business, educational and recreational activities.

Occupying 98.60 square kilometers (38.07 square miles) on the Burrard Peninsula between Vancouver to the west and New Westminster and Coquitlam to the east, Burnaby's elevation ranges from sea level to a maximum of 1,200 feet atop Burnaby Mountain. Overall, the physical landscape of the city is one of hills, ridges, valleys and alluvial plain. Many of the city’s natural features include two large freshwater lakes, naturally forested mountain parklands, an ocean beach, a multitude of neighbourhood parks and open space – many with fish-bearing rivers and streams that provide an exceptional physical environment.

With 25% green space, it’s a haven for outdoor activities for everything from running trails to bird-watching. Burnaby is also home to British Columbia’s largest shopping mall, theatres showcasing plays and musicals, a full range of restaurants and much more.


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